Eating Right

This isn’t a website about proper nutrition. Maintaining a healthy diet is important, but if you can’t chew properly, you won’t get the nutritional benefits from what you do eat.

Playing without a full deck?

You need a full set of teeth just like you need a full deck of cards. And you need all of each tooth. If you are missing teeth or have broken teeth, you need our help to rebuild your bite. Without a full set, you cannot eat well or speak well. You may need fillings or tooth replacements to get you eating right.

Teeth, muscles, and bone

If any of these are weakened, the others have to step up and make the system work. Eventually, the others will fail. For example, say you are missing your molars on the lower right side. Then you will chew more on the left, and cause the muscles to be out of balance.

That will affect the bone, which will increase on the left and decrease on the right. Eventually something has to give; it could be the muscles becoming painful or teeth wearing down.

Seeing the whole picture

Doctors who are trained in neuromuscular concepts, like Dr. John, have a thorough understanding about the function and importance of the balance between the teeth, muscles, and bone. They know how to diagnose the problems and treat properly to keep you eating right and living well.