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According to a recent study on pain, headaches are the number-one pain problem in the US. Most headaches are a result of muscle tension. Muscle tension can be caused by many things, but one common source of tension headaches is a bad bite.

How can your bite cause a headache? 

If your bite is not right, the muscles that control your jaw must work extra hard to bring your teeth together. They become tired, stiff, and painful. This pain may be felt in or around the jaw, or it may radiate to your head.

Does your head feel like it is clamped in a vise?

Dental headaches often feel like a dull, non-throbbing ache. Many sufferers say it feels as though their head is clamped in a vise, or wrapped by a steel band.

Have you been diagnosed with migraines?

People are often misdiagnosed as having migraines and treated with medications. Sometimes this is helpful. However, true migraines occur once every month or less frequently. If your headaches are occurring more frequently, they are probably not true migraines; and while the medication you are taking may be helpful, it may not be addressing the real cause.

Get help!

Chronic pain associated with headaches has four components:  muscular, neurologic, vascular, and psychological. Dr. John has the expertise and diagnostic tools to determine how your symptoms relate to these four components and get you the help you need.

You can start enjoying life!

Treatments recommended by Dr. John are not the same big and bulky, just-wear-this-at-night kind of treatments recommended by most dentists. That approach is often too simplistic and does not completely address the cause of your problem. The sooner you call, the sooner you can enjoy life again!