Jaw Pain

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The pain you are feeling in your jaw could be caused by any number of problems. The muscles, jaw joints, and teeth work together, and when one or more systems aren’t working right, you feel the pain.

It really is in your head, and you need an expert like Dr. John to help you solve the pain puzzle!

The pain in my jaw is caused by my teeth?

Maybe. It could also be caused by inflammation in your neck, at the top of your head, or any other muscle or nerves around your head. Maybe it is a tooth problem or your congested sinuses. It could even be caused by your short leg or uneven hips. The body is complex. The symptoms are often vague and non-specific.

Can a dentist really help me with these kinds of problems?

Yes and no. Not every dentist has the training and experience to resolve the pain problems. Most physicians are not trained to deal with diagnosing the true cause of the jaw pain and often merely treat pain with antibiotics, other medicines, or physical therapy.

Medical specialists often have limited perspectives which are too narrow to diagnose the true source of jaw pain. Often, these treatments only mask the true problem while further damage is occurring. You need a dentist who knows more. Yes, Dr. John can help: He is not the average dentist.

What if my pain is not a problem in my mouth?

Dr. John has been diagnosing and treating patients with jaw pain for more than 19 years and can treat many of the problems that cause your jaw pain. When necessary, you will see other medical professionals and work in close relationship with Dr. John and his team to get the help you need.

It sounds complicated; is it?

Yes, it is very complicated. You should contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. John, since there is much more to learn than is possible to present on a website.