Speaking Right

Dr. John’s goal is to keep you looking good, eating right, speaking well, and kissing well throughout your entire life. (More about the last one in a bit.) In other words, it is our goal to give you a quality life throughout all its stages.

The teeth and their position play a vital role in the formation of speech. If you are missing teeth, they are crooked, or they are broken down, you won’t pronounce your words correctly. Period!

Is your tongue getting you in trouble?

Dr. John can’t help what you say, but he can help you to say it well. Sometimes the tongue does not move freely because of a muscle tying it to the floor of the mouth. Some people have a tongue that is too big.

Some people have a tongue that goes in the wrong position when swallowing and speaking. It is especially important to correct improper tongue function in infants, toddlers, and teenagers.

Stick it out

Take a look at your tongue. Does it have scalloped edges? Do you hold your tongue between your teeth while resting? Can you move it forward easily?

Bite with your back teeth together, separate your lips by holding them apart with your fingers, and swallow. Does the front of your tongue go between your teeth in the front or the back?


Kissing the ones you love is important throughout your life. You need good teeth, a properly functioning tongue, balanced muscles, and healthy jaw joints to give a really good pucker and plant one on your sweetie or grandchildren. Dr. John can help you with this one, too!