The Right Bite

Did you ever think that your bite could relate to your posture? Most people don’t. Typically, when people think of good posture, they think of standing up straight. Yet a growing number of dentists, physical therapists, and chiropractors are realizing that your bite can affect your posture, and your posture can affect your bite!

Teeth: end of the spinal column

There is a very close connection between the head and the spine. If the head is carried too far forward in front of the shoulders, your neck, shoulders, and back will likewise shift position to compensate in keeping the head upright.

Taking this one step further, we realize that your bite is also affected by your head posture. Try tilting your head backwards and close your teeth lightly together. Notice that your back teeth hit first.

Now tilt your head forward toward your chest, and again, lightly touch your teeth together. Now the front teeth hit first. These exaggerated movements demonstrate how the bite and head position affect one another.

Postural neglect equals bite neglect

Because postural neglect can cause actual changes of the bones, joints, and teeth, Dr. John is an expert who can evaluate whether your posture and bite need correction. Getting the bite correct is an important part of establishing proper function for eating and speaking.