Feeding your newborn is supposed to be one of the most important times for bonding between the infant and their parents whether mom is breastfeeding or either parent is bottle feeding. However, infants with restrictive tissues which interfere with proper nipple latch can make feeding time stressful, frustrating or cause problems for the infant or pain and other problems for the mother.

Moms may experience lipstick-shape nipples after the infant latches; flattened, bruised, blistered, cut or bleeding nipples; moderate to severe breast pain while infant is attempting to achieve a latch; infected nipples, plugged ducts; mastitis; nipple thrush; engorged or unemptied breasts; premature self-weaning; and premature reduction of breast milk supply. Moms can also experience emotional symptoms such as frustration due to lack of answers; exhaustion; depression; lack of infant-mother connection; premature weaning due to pain and frustration; and family conflicts and/or unjust accusations from child protective services.

Infants which are unable to properly latch might exhibit a short or shallow ineffective latch; unsustained latch; sliding off the nipple; prolonged episodes of non-nutritional breastfeeding attempts; falling asleep before satisfied while attempting to nurse; unable to hold a pacifier; poor weight gain resulting in a diagnosis of a failure to thrive; chronic crying; only able to sleep when held upright or in a car carrier; signs of morning congestion (silent sleeping stomach reflux); infant gastroesophageal reflux; clicking and swallowing air when latched; leaking milk; or hospitalization.

Often these problems are unrecognized or discounted by pediatricians, lactation specialists or midwives. Dr John is trained to diagnose and treat these problems. He uses the Solea CO2 laser to revise lip and tongue frena, muscles which restrict the proper function of the lip and tongue during feeding. The procedure is minimally invasive and takes only seconds to perform and without bleeding.

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